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Adam and Paul & Storm in Boulder

The latest in w00tstock-related news: Adam Savage and Paul and Storm are coming to Boulder, CO to perform in a double-bill (oh-so-cleverly titled “Something or Other”).

Special bonus: our good friend and Bad Astronomer Phil Plait will also be on hand to…we dunno, to talk about something science-y or something; anyway, he’ll be there, too.

Show details:

Saturday, October 23 – 7:30 pm
w00tstock presents: Something or Other, with Adam Savage and Paul & Storm
with special guest Phil Plait
Boulder Theater, Boulder, CO
Tickets: http://bit.ly/bsSwH3
NOTE: Admission is all ages, but some material may be inappropriate for younger children

Now, then…a few preemptive questions and answers:

Q: Will Wil Wheaton be there?

A: Unfortunately, no.

Q: Is this a “full w00tstock”?

A: No. Wil won’t be there, and there won’t be other guests besides Phil, nor short films, etc. This will be a more “straight-ahead” concert performance.

Q: Why won’t Wil be there/why isn’t this a full w00tstock?

A: There’s myriad reasons; let’s just sum them up with “because.”

(Slightly longer answer: we wanted to do a show in the Denver/Boulder area, and the logistics wouldn’t work for a “full” w00tstock this time around; but since the venue and date were available for Adam and Paul & Storm, we thought something would be better than nothing.)

Q: Then what’s with the “w00tstock presents” part?

A: Because w00tstock is presenting it, silly.

Q: If this show does well, does that mean you’re more likely to bring a real w00tstock to Colorado?

A: It sure won’t hurt! We’re not keeping score or anything, and this isn’t some sort of official test you have to pass; but it is true that we have a limited number of possible w00tstocks per year, and one of the primary determining factors for locations is perceived demand (or, in the case of places we’ve been, established demand). So this applies to anywhere, not just Boulder: strong attendance at a double-bill show like this (or “w00tstock Lite”, as some have been calling it)—and there will likely be more of these type of shows in the future—increases the likelihood of our bringing the full circus to town at a future date.

Can I bring my small child? He/she loves MythBusters!

A: Depends on the child, their maturity, and what you think they can handle, content-wise. As noted above, some material may be inappropriate for younger children. It won’t be a nonstop stream of cursing and obscenity; but there may be some adult themes and/or language. Caveat emptor. (If you’re unsure what to expect, seek out some YouTube performances from Adam and Paul & Storm from previous w00tstocks and judge for yourself)

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  1. Brett Glass
    Posted September 22, 2010 at 10:56 am | Permalink

    As a musician who has, on occasion, covered your material, I think it’s great that you’re coming to Boulder! This will be a busy weekend, though, with lots of other events going on. So, to make sure you fill the venue, I’d recommend that you promote the show as follows:

    * Tweet it up! From the reactions I have been getting when I mention it, I can see that lots of your fans on Twitter don’t even know about it even now. I’m bringing a carload of free range prairie nerds from Wyoming, most of them astronomy buffs. (We have nice, dark skies up here.)

    * Get interviews and articles placed in WestWord, Boulder Weekly, and the Denver Post entertainment section. WestWord, in particular, tends to be tuned into geeky events (they gave great coverage to the Denver WorldCon and even featured it in a comic strip). Consider placing a small ad there; you will make the money back.

    * Do everything possible to attract a contingent from MileHiCon, Denver’s big SciFi convention. Alas, it’s not just across a downtown area (as was the case with SD Comic-Con) but 40 minutes away in south Denver. Wil would have been a big additional draw for this crowd, but attendees will still come to see the four of you if you get them interested. Consider offering a couple of bucks off to folks showing a convention badge.

    * Consider having one more act if budget and logistics allow. All of you are great, but one of the things that’s gotten you raves in other cities is that w00tstock lasts longer and has more performers than most shows.

    Oh, and make sure you come up a day or two early to get acclimated to the altitude. (I remember JoCo complaining, at your Soiled Dove Underground show last year, that there was no oxygen in the air.) Boulder is a great restaurant town!