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w00tstocks 2.5 & 2.5.1: Final Details

So here we are; time for another set of w00tstocks, back in The Town Where It All Began. We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! The shows are at the Great American Music Hall on Thursday & Friday, September 16 & 17. The Friday show is SOLD OUT (though some last-minute tickets and/or […]

New w00tstocks: Good News, Bad News, and More Good News

You have been very, very patient, W00tstalkers. (That is a name we are never going to actually call you, we just wanted to see what it looked like written down) And now, your patience has been rewarded with five, count-‘em FIVE new w00tstocks this October and November! But there is A CATCH…due to an unforeseen schedule […]

San Francisco Update

We are very close to being able to announce additional guests for w00ts stock 2.5 and 2.5.1, but need to let everyone know that due to a scheduling conflict, “Bad Astronomer” Phil Plait will be appearing on Friday, September 17, instead of his previously-scheduled Thursday, September 16 appearance. We apologize for any inconvenience/mental anguish/wailing and […]

Wil Quits w00tstock!

The w00tstock organization wishes to post the following photo correspondence from “Wil”—which is most certainly not a hoax, and is not just a derivative attempt to cash in on some meme that was funny for 36 hours last week—without comment. We will, however, attempt to rise above this hardship and continue somehow. The next w00tstock shows will occur […]

Thank You San Diego / Free Molly!

Thank you to everyone who came out to 4th and B for w00tstock 2.4 SDCC. There are reviews, pictures, and videos all over the netterwebs, but you can find Wil’s blog post here, and a summary by Paul and Storm over yonder. If you have any pictures, videos, or posted a review or summary of […]

w00tstock 2.4: San Diego Comic-Con!

We have heard the voices crying out in the darkness, and we are pleased to announce that w00tstock will indeed be coming to San Diego during Comic-Con! We’ve sent our flying monkeys out to gather the guests, and don’t know yet who they’ll catch, but rest assured that wsSDCC (w00tstock 2.4) will be epic and […]

w00tstock at Comic-Con? Possibly…

We are considering the possibility of having w00tstock come to San Diego during this year’s Comic-Con. Specifically, on Thursday, July 22nd. (This would not be affiliated with Comic-Con in any way; it would be a separate show held in a theater nearby somewhere) Your *honest* answer to the following poll will be most helpful. NOTE: […]