Featuring: Adam Savage | Wil Wheaton | Paul and Storm


Until we trick this section out, please e-mail info@w00tstock.net with general questions.

For press inquiries, write to press@w00tstock.net

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Will w00tstock be coming to [insert your town here]? WHEN?

Short answer is probably, eventually. We’re excited about bringing the show to wherever there are lots of nerds and geeks, which is pretty much everywhere. But a great way to skew things in our direction is to request us on Eventful.

I know (or am) a band/person/act that would be PERFECT for w00tstock! How can I/they be added to the lineup?

If there’s a secret to w00tstock, it’s having just the right combination of fun, geeky, clever, though-provoking, and heart-warming guest acts, both well-known and unknown. So we want to hear from you! For each show, the four of us discuss those acts that excite us the most, and then we figure out the mix that’ll make for the best show. E-mail us at info@w00tstock.net.