Featuring: Adam Savage | Wil Wheaton | Paul and Storm

the w00tstock experience

Of course the only way to get the full experience is to attend a w00tstock for reals, but for spatial and temporal reasons that might not be practical for you. But we hope this page might give you the basic flavors.

For literalists, w00tstock is a live concert series that periodically appears in different cities:

  • Hosted by Adam Savage, Wil Wheaton, and Paul and Storm
  • Features different guest acts and short films in each city
  • Has a mix of music; comedy; geeky short presentations; and thought-provoking stories
  • Has a meet-and-greet reception with the hosts and many of the guests after the performance

Or for the the metaphorically-minded, w00tstock is:

  • Nerd Vaudeville
  • A Geek Variety Show
  • A high-energy live celebration of all things nerd and geek

But that still doesn’t start to explain the excitement and enthusiasm generated by w00tstock audiences. So we’ve selected a few videos and links from the netterwebs that can at least show you part of what it’s about…

Wil Wheaton’s introduction to w00tstock 1.1

 CNN.com w00tstock interview with Paul and Storm

Hank Green raps about his w00tstock 2.x experience

Interview with Paul and Storm about the w00tstock experience from Another Passion

…and the accompanying photo montage from w00tstock 2.0

Backstage at w00tstock 2.0 in Seattle from anotherpassion on Vimeo.

LoadingReadyRun-affiliated Geek Girl on the Street’s experience

Ken Flagg (MC Frontalot’s keyboardist aka “Vic-20″) w00tstock experience

Articles about w00tstock

Fan experiences at w00tstock

“I’ve always believed the old adage: home does not consist of places, it consists of people. I was surrounded by people just like me, people who shared my obsessions and passions and beliefs. I was home.” – lovesick robot press

biodork (2.3 – Minneapolis)

13 Guys Named Ed (2.2 – Chicago)

Pooka’s Place (2.2 – Chicago)

“In a lot of ways, for me, W00tstock felt like finally finding a home base. I was in a space with a few hundred other people who just…understand. It didn’t matter what particular brand of geekiness you subscribe to or if, like me, you don’t really subscribe to any particular subset. We were there to have fun. We were there to learn about cool stuff and hear awesome songs and listen to awesome stories and be introduced to new cool people to follow on Twitter and online. We were there to get our respective geek on. We were there to take part in the kind of thing we had always wanted to take part in but hadn’t because we’d had a bunch of people telling us that it wasn’t cool/serious/arty/enough. It was amazing.” – Snarke.net (2.1 – Portland)

Eat, Drink, and Be Mary Sue (2.1 – Portland)

The Daily Bizarre (2.1 – Portland)

Cromley’s World (1.0 – San Francisco)